YOJ11-01 Copper and Sterling Blooms by Stacie Williams

I revisited an old design with a different metal.  These rustic blooms are made of copper with a sterling center- on sterling ear wires.  I wanted to use copper for two reasons- I love the warmth (and it won’t be touching skin) and I wanted to play with a patina.  The patina was to be blue and I still don’t really see blue.  And since they are sealed- I’m not getting the glow from the copper that I love so much.  I want to play with the process some more.

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  1. Nancy Wickman Nancy Wickman says:

    I really like the organic feeling of those. I can see a little bit of blue in the patina.

  2. newtowire newtowire says:

    great idea, is the sterling center part of the ear wire. I think they are lovely. sue

  3. evasherman eva sherman says:

    I’m with Nancy, loving the organic flavor of these,

  4. Thank you ladies. ;-) Sue- on this pair the center isn’t part of the ear wires. I made the blooms then soldered on a wire to the back for the ear wires.

  5. Really nice and earthy looking, I like this style a lot.

  6. Dawn Morrill says:

    Pretty design….I see a little teal in the center.

  7. spiralingbead zoraida says:

    These earrings are lovely, somewhat rustic and very organic. Love them!

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