Copper Snake Chain for the New Year — Abigail Miller

Okay, it’s 2012. Going to do better this year about posting –have you heard that before? ;-)
I mostly made this on New Year’s Day, finished the hook the next day. It’s a perfectly simple snake chain, AKA half-persian 4-in-1, made for a friend as a gift for her mother. The only elaboration on the design is the oversize S-hook clasp, done to allow 87-year-old fingers a better grip. 18-gauge (awg) wire made into 3/16″ rings.

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  1. Dearrings says:

    I love your copper chain, Abigail! Chainmail has always seemed really mysterious and hard to do, but maybe I will give it a try this year :)

    Can’t wait to see more of your work!

  2. FleurViolette FleurViolette says:

    Wow…its lovely!!

  3. pwhitlow pwhitlow says:

    Very pretty! Not sure I’d have the patience to do chainmail. I am trying to learn some wire weaving though.

  4. Abigail Abigail says:

    Thank you all.

    Like knitting, cross-stitch, beadweaving, etc., maille seems to the outsider to be difficult and require inordinate patience. To the practitioner, it seems simple and fast.

    But don’t ask me to knit. I tried. “I don’t have the patience.” ;-)

  5. I love all kinds of intricate things in design, and this style of craft just boggles my mind. I admire your skill and this is really beautiful!

  6. Nice job it looks so fluid!

  7. Nicole Hanna Nicole Hanna says:

    This had to have used an obscene amount of wire, and required an obscene amount of patience. I’ve never been able to complete a full chain, AND I always seem to run out of wire and not know how to add any, lol. I applaud you here.

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