Wk 22: Pearls by P. Whitlow

[singlepic id=1080 w=320 h=240 float=left]Okay so I’m 7 weeks behind, but I plan to catch up eventually:).This was a project I did for a local contest on Pearls. Using my new technique, I created the base of the choker using Silver filled wire to created the viking knit and added the hand crafted caps that I created with wire coils and topped off with a pearl. The I created a bail and bezel with wire wrapping for the pearl coin. The back of the choker was created by stringing button pearls and then I created the coil clasp. I added patina to the silver filled wire because I felt this help show off the weave within the viking knit and textures in the wire wrapping on the bezel and end caps. This was a good piece for practicing all the techniques I have learned and how to put it all together.

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  1. Lisa Yang says:

    Stunning! It also looks really comfortable to wear since the pearls will roll on the back of your neck. Great job combining techniques – and all are so well done!

  2. Nicole Hanna says:

    I applaud anyone who does a viking knit! I love the look of it and have absolutely no patience for it myself. Now I think you’ve inspired me to give it another go, because this is just beautiful. True elegance here.

  3. pwhitlow says:

    Sorry I took so long to reply. Thank you. It is definitely still a learning curve for me, but still experimenting with combining techniques. It’s been a busy summer so haven’t been on line as much and now have much catch up to do for the YOJ:)

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