YOJ Week 32 – Fold Formed Flower by Eva Sherman

Last weekend I spent 4 days with Charles Lewton-Brain, the guru of fold forming and I can honestly say, it has given me a new focus and direction to pursue in metal work. I have idea’s that will keep me busy for years. I wrote several posts about it on my blog, if you want to check it out, but here is my favorite piece. Can you believe this was once a 3″x3″ sheet of copper? Me neither….

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  1. Such an exotic design!. It looks like a flower from the rain forest and definitely is different from your previous work. It really shows you had fun. :)

  2. evasherman says:

    Thanks Cleo, I had a blast! I’m trying to get these down to a smaller scale for jewelry work, this piece is about 4″ in dia and a bit heavy for earrings… :-)

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