Step 2: Add a Post

After uploading your pictures, you’ll be ready to add and write your post.

Click on Posts under the Dashboard icon.  It has a little stick pin icon on it.  Click on Add New.  A box will come on the main space of the page.  Add a title for your post.  To make it easier for everyone to follow your posts, we recommend the following format:  Week Number (or Due Date), Title of Your Piece or Theme Name, Your Name.


01/20/11 Wonderful Wire by Micki B.


YOJ11-01 Wonderful Wire by Dianne Karg Baron

Next, before you start writing, select the week you are posting to.  Go over to the right side of the page and find the Category Box.  Select the correct box.  Then press Save Draft.

Next, get ready, set, publish!

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