YOJ Week 38 – “O” Ring Cuff by Eva Sherman

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YOJ Week 36 & 37 – “For Sherry” by Eva Sherman

For the past 6 years I’ve been attending the annual Ohio Beaders retreat. We get away for a weekend of classes, food, laughs and of coarse catching up on what everyone’s been learning and creating through out the year. One of the highlights of the weekend is the gift exchange, where we create something for our assigned partner that we think they will like and that incorporates our favorite jewelry making technique. It seems everyone keeps out doing previous years efforts and I’m always amazed at the talent and skill found in our little group.

My new skill this year was fold forming so I made these cuffs for my dear friend Sherry. Hope you like them m’dear! :-)

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Week 35, YOJ 2012, Nicole Hanna

[singlepic id=1091 w=320 h=240 float=none]

The pendant (there is a bail hidden in the back) is my very first attempt at soutache and, though it is truly horrible looking (lol), at least I had fun and I’m trying my hand at something new. The god/dess shape was intentional, mostly because it was the only thing I knew how to do without it turning in to a complete hot mess. Not to say I succeeded in avoiding the hot mess of it all, but I don’t hate it. It’s my Soutache Sun God, with a halo of copper ball chain, and a body of black onyx. The summer months are ending. I think today was the last truly warm day. I might actually miss it a bit. Anyway, to keep with the theme, it was also the perfect compliment my poetic choice.

My favorite poem… hmm… there are MANY, but this is ONE of my favorites, at least, and suitable for the season.

“Summer” by Louise Gluck

Remember the days of our first happiness,
how strong we were, how dazed by passion,
lying all day, then all night in the narrow bed,
sleeping there, eating there too: it was summer,
it seemed everything had ripened
at once.  And so hot we lay completely uncovered.
Sometimes the wind rose; a willow brushed the window.

But we were lost in a way, didn't you feel that?
The bed was like a raft; I felt us drifting
far from our natures, toward a place where we'd discover nothing.
First the sun, then the moon, in fragments,
stone through the willow.
Things anyone could see.

Then the circles closed.  Slowly the nights grew cool;
the pendant leaves of the willow
yellowed and fell.  And in each of us began
a deep isolation, though we never spoke of this,
of the absence of regret.
We were artists again, my husband.
We could resume the journey.
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Week 34, YOJ 2012, Nicole Hanna

[singlepic id=1090 w=320 h=240 float=none]

If you’ve never been to the website www.metalworkers.org, I suggest checking it out. The wealth of inspiration to be found there is just amazing. For this week “Timeless”, I really wanted to do something lacy, but my soutache hasn’t arrived yet, and this week was far past due any way, so I had to come up with something. I created a bottle shape, inspired by the heavily layered work on the website mentioned above, maybe a delicate perfume bottle, or even a genie bottle (though I’m loathe to make the genie reference… again… it seems to be something wire workers come across often ugh). It took a remarkably long time to make, given it’s so small and uses such small amounts of wire. I think I just over complicated the process because looking at it now, it looks so EASY lol. Ah well, live and learn. Besides, I really need to work on more pendants. I’ve been so focused on rings and bracelets lately, it’s a miracle I have any pendants at all!

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Week 33, YOJ 2012, Nicole Hanna

[singlepic id=1089 w=320 h=240 float=none]

I don’t know why, when I thought “Alpha and Omega” a two finger ring immediately came to mind. The very nature of the relationship between Alpha and Omega is that they are interchangeable. One ceases to function without the other. In a religious context, it is reminiscent of the phrase “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” The beginning and the end. And shows the ever-evolving flow of movement. A ring is always a good representative of that type of symbolism. And a two-finger ring is just plain fun. This one is copper wire with Swarovski crystals.

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Nicole Hanna, YOJ 2012, Week 31

[singlepic id=1088 w=320 h=240 float=none]

Forgot to put up pics of this last week when I posted the other two. Oops. Anyway, “Hot and Bothered” was tricky. But only because I’m lazy. I originally wanted something that had a lot of dangles and accentuated, uh…. cleavage. LOL But then I got bored with this project and was ready to move on to something else. Which is why I’ll just never be able to make something really elaborate out of seed beads… I lack the necessary dedication to that craft. Totally. Eh, but I still talk myself how to make puffy triangles, so that’s something!

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YOJ-37/12 – Harvest moon earrings – by Cleopatra Kerckhof

A lot of farmers in the area I live in have taken advantage of the short spell of hot and dry weather we recently had to harvest their crops. Can’t be an easy life to always be at the mercy of the weather Gods!.

These are made from brass and sterling (soldered) – the cabochons are 8mm carnelian agates. Because of the heat, the brass starts to looks like bronze.

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YOJ-30/12 – Jet black and brass earrings – by Cleopatra Kerckhof

I made these at the carft show as well: bold geometric brass shapes combine with Swarovsli jet black bicone crystals. These are big and bold.

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YOJ-27/12 – Dragonfly sun catcher – by Cleopatra Kerckhof

A few weeks ago I had my first crafts show. We were asked to demonstrate our craft, and I designed this 85mm sun catcher because I knew the coiling would keep me busy for ours. The wings have beautiful aquamarine nuggets in them. It still is not finished, but I really would like to get it off my table…

So far I have used more than 60 ft of 26g wire, and I still have to fill in the background.

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Week 32, Nicole Hanna, Four Feet of Wire

[singlepic id=1087 w=320 h=240 float=none]
Or… none at all. I’m taking a break from wire for the time being. I spent eight months with a heavy focus on wire and accomplished a great deal in that time, but it was definitely good for me to move on to something else for a bit and find my “wire creativity” again in its own time. So, I’ve been working on seed bead stuff (I have more to post to get caught up on weeks, but it’s late, so I’m starting with these). I’m trying to teach myself new things, and this piece is the first time I’ve created a netted element in an embroidered piece. It seems so simple in this picture, but these things take me FOREVER. I have great admiration for anyone who does this on a daily basis. Heck, even a monthly basis! Anyway, a great lapis lazuli faceted cab I’ve had sitting here for, truly, like three years now. Nice denim Swarovski crystal at the top with copper and golden shadow Swarovski accents. Lots of seed beads.

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Week 30, Nicole Hanna, Gaia

[singlepic id=1086 w=320 h=240 float=none]

I needed a serious break from wire and website building, so decided to focus on my guilty pleasure…. seed bead embroidery. I wanted to break away from my usual work in that arena as well (which was admittedly very limited), and teach myself something new. So I learned to FINALLY make an open-back bezel element, as well as embroidery a bead. I’ve never done anything without a backing, so this all required a great deal of patience. Of which I have none. For six hours, while I tore apart five or six failed elements, I wanted to punch jewelry in the face. But, perseverance paid off! This is made with a nice Seraphanite stone, Chrysolite and Smoke Swarovski, Black Onyx, lots and lots of seed beads with a great piece of deer antler as a centerpiece, which finished off the nice asymmetrical look quite nice, I think. And since I needed to catch up and do something for “Geometric”, I created round elements. Though, if I’m honest, they are round because I don’t know how to do anything else. LOL. I had also considered adding fringe, but then worried it would just be too much at that point. 20 hours on this thing was more than enough anyway. lol

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YOJ Week 35 – “For Emily” by Eva Sherman

As a city dweller accustomed to constant noise, rude drivers and never ending crowds, I delight in opportunities to get away to the peace and quiet of the country. A few weeks ago, I did just that while being hosted by a lovely gracious woman who, having never met me, made me welcome in her peaceful country home.  I find that so refreshing in these cynical and jaded times we live in.

I also discovered we have a mutual love of sea glass so I made a couple of pendants, as a token of my esteem and appreciation. I hope you enjoy them Emily!!! :-)

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YOJ Week 34 – Patina Party by Eva Sherman

Did y’all happen to see Sue Lacy’s blog post on patina’s? I decided to experiment with ammonia fuming on a couple of previously created copper pieces and wow! Did I ever get the most beautiful blues and greens!!! Check this out!

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YOJ Week 33 – Fold Formed Cuff by Eva Sherman

I wanted to show you the completed version of a piece I started at the Fold Forming Conference with Charles Lewton-Brain. This fold was a variation of the Flag fold. Here are both versions….

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YOJ-28/12 – A Pirate’s Treasure chandelier earrings – by Cleopatra Kerckhof

By now I have fallen so far behind that I will never be able to catch up…

These earrings landed in my sketch book over a month ago, but I only finished them last Friday. I used vintage skull charms with clapping jaws (out of fear, I’m sure!) and tiny sehorse and dolphin charms. Sterling silver and different gemstones.

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