Step 3: Ready, Set, Publish!

To insert your image, look for “Upload/Insert” just above the text box.  Just to the right are four icons:  two rectangles, a music note and a sun.  Click on the first rectangle.  A screen will appear “Add media files from your computer”.  Click on the link that says “NextGEN Gallery”.

From the drop down menu, pick the week, then press Select.  A list of all images uploaded to that week will appear.

When you find your image, click on “Show”.  You will now be able to choose the position of your image (left, centre or right) and the size (Thumbnail, Full size or Singlepic).  If you uploaded an image greater that 450 pixels wide, DO NOT pick Full Size – it won’t fit.  Next press “Insert into Post”.

Finish writing your post, then press “Save Draft” (found on the right side of the screen).  To see your post before you publish, press “Preview”.

Under “Categories”, click on the checkbox for the current week (ie. Week 01).  Do not click on the “General” box or the “1st Quarter” box.

The last thing you should do before publishing your post is to add tags.  Like with the images, you should add some standard tags like “YOJ, year of jewelry, 2011, your name, week #”, but also any key words you used in your text.  So if you were writing about an artist who inspired you, add their name, or if you used a particular type of stone, add its name, etc.

One very important detail if you want people to be able to leave comments:  check the Discussion Section, just to the left of the Post Tags Section to make sure that the “Allow comments” box is checked.

When you’re sure everything looks the way you want it, press Publish!

Once you’ve published your first post, your name will automatically appear in the “2011 Participants” list on the home page of the blog, and people will be able to find all of your posts by selecting your name.  Your images will also automatically be added to the “Gallery Week by Week” section.

To see all of the posts “live” on the blog, exit the editing screen by clicking on the blog name at the top left corner.

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