Step 1: Upload an Image

After logging in, go to the Dashboard.  You’ll find the link at the top on the left under the Year of Jewelry title.  The first thing you should do is upload your image.

We recommend keeping your YOJ photos in a designated folder on your computer, so you know where they are.  Your images need to be sized so they will post on this blog.  Do not post images over 2 mb in size!  They take too long to load!  Most images set to a width of not more that 1000 pixels wide will work well.

We are not using the WordPress “Media Library”, so please don’t upload photos there! This blog uses a plugin called NextGEN Gallery to organize the images that are uploaded.  It allows us to save images to individual weekly sub-folders, rather than lumping them all together, as would happen with the standard WordPress blog.

As a bonus, the plugin allows us to create a separate page of all the images uploaded, which we’ve called the Gallery Week by Week.  Adding an image to the NextGEN Gallery automatically adds it to the Gallery Week by Week.

Your images are stored in a directory that is separate from your posts, and you upload and insert the images differently than you would with a standard WordPress blog.

We recommend opening this page as a separate window to allow you to follow the instructions closely until you get the hang of how to do it.

Adding an image to the NextGEN Gallery

To add an image to the gallery, click on the Gallery tab at the bottom of the left column of the screen.  Click on the “Add Gallery/Images” link, which will bring up an upload screen.  Click on the “Browse” button to navigate to the YOJ folder on your computer, then click on the drop down menu to select the weekly gallery.  Then click “Upload Images”.  Your image will be uploaded to the server, and a thumbnail will automatically be created.

Identifying your images

Because many images will be uploaded to the various galleries each week, it will be important to be able to identify which images is yours.  So next, you should add some information to the image.

Click on “Manage Gallery”.  Then select the weekly gallery to which you uploaded.  Scroll down the page until you see your image.  DO NOT change anything in the “Gallery Settings” box.  Under “Alt & Title Text/Descriptions”, you see two text boxes:  the first will show the name of your image as you named it on your computer.  Change this to the same title you are using on your post (i.e. Week #, Title, Your Name).  Adding this information will help us organize the images later when we archive the blog. In the next box, add a description of the piece (i.e. Title of the piece, materials used, dimensions).  Adding the description is important because it shows up in the slideshow on the gallery page.

Next add Tags:  these are used by the search engines to find your images.  Tags should include, as a minimum, “YOJ, year of jewelry, 2011, week #, your name”, but can also include any other words you think might be useful to describe your image i.e. materials, type of jewelry etc.

When you are finished tagging, click “Save Changes”.

Now, you can add the images to your post.

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